Coming out on top – Wymarra’s Story

Picture of Wymarra Rose

Growing up, Wymarra has had a lot of challenges to deal with.

Due to illness, Wymarra was frequently in and out of hospital. To add to the challenges he faced, Wymarra was bullied at school and felt like he never fit in.

So when Wymarra and his mum moved towns, it was a chance at a fresh start.

Wymarra’s mum contacted Ability Links and told them that they were feeling socially isolated and wanted to find out a bit more about what activities they could get involved in.

Since that day, things have turned around for Wymarra and his mum.

Wymarra is now linked in with a local gym and receives a personal training and mentoring program through Aboriginal Flexible Respite Package.

He’s also bought a computer so he can study online and has begun attending a friendship group.

Wymarra says he and his mum are much happier now and they are finally starting to feel like they are part of their community.