With Grace

Grace came in contact with Vinnies Ability Links after a recommendation from her husband’s doctors.

Grace’s husband has had a stroke and is now unable to work or drive. He does not speak much English and relies on Grace for all of his communications with doctors, physios and so on. 

Grace is currently her husband’s main carer, however she is working with the NDIS to have him engaged in some social activities so she can get out of the house more.

Grace worked with her Ability Linker, Katie, to find ways to gain independence. One thing she wanted to do was get her driver’s licence. 

“It was very difficult to get my licence because I don’t often use computers. But Katie encouraged me to use the computer and explained things to me very slowly and clearly. This helped me a lot.

Katie has been so supportive for me. She encouraged me for months to practice for my learners drivers licence, and when I got my learners licence she helped me find insurance and register my car.”

Katie and Grace also worked together to find a course in computers, and Grace has now started studying at TAFE. She is also considering finding a job to earn some money. 

“Katie has made me feel much more confident in myself and I feel like I am able to do the things I would like to do.
I am excited to learn to drive and get my licence to drive on my own.

It will be very great when I get my licence to drive on my own because it will give my husband and I so much more freedom, and we won’t have to catch the bus anymore.

I am excited to be more confident and not be scared anymore of not doing things right.”