A Turning Point for Linda

Linda is a 61 year old woman with disability, and a carer for her daughter. Linda identifies as a proud Koori woman, and before she rang Ability Links, had never used a service for help.

Linda stated that, ‘I felt that my life was overwhelming and that I was drowning with no lifeline.’

She asked Ability Links for assistance to help her grandson in prison. Linda’s Linker supports her to make contact with the local Thurawal Land Council. Linda was then able to secure a care package to be sent to her grandson.

While working with Linda, her Linker discovered that, due to helping her family, Linda was occasionally short on food or personal items which were sacrificed so she could pay her bills on time. Ability Links worked with Linda to organise for Centrelink back payments, and to arrange for her daughter to receive Abstudy, and travel assistance for the school bus.

Additionally, Ability Links connected Linda with a Vinnies Conference, who gave her assistance with food items. Linda also requested support to move, so her Linker connected her to Thurawal Land Council who will assist Linda with the paperwork needed for the move.

Linda says, ‘I did not have the capacity or knowledge of all the services I could access, it has eased my financial situation and given me peace of mind.’

Linda’s Linker also encouraged her to meet up at Turning Point- a local drop-in hub, which provides food relief, women’s support and craft and activities in a safe space.

Linda was so pleased to find support in a safe, non-judgemental place that she agreed to attend the social group. Initially this will be during the time Ability Links is running outreach sessions there, but once she feels more comfortable she will attend at other times. 

Linda is also being supported to move house and to learn about doing Welcome to Country, as she has always been keen to share her experiences as a Koori woman of the stolen generation. 

Linda has had a very positive relationship with Ability Links and says, ‘They are a fantastic service and I can’t thank them enough for what they have helped me achieve. They helped me through my darkest times and supported me when I did not think I would be able to go on. They gave me hope and strength when I had none.

I am more confident, and am starting to believe I am as strong and capable as my linker tells me I am.’