Taking the Anime Lead

When Will first met his Ability Links Linker, he had been going through a tough time with severe anxiety and depression. Will was struggling to build friendships and wanted to be linked to a group where he could share his passion for anime and video games.

Through discussions with Will and other participants, the Linker saw that there was a gap in the community for people Will’s age and that met his wants and goals.

Through discussion with Will, the Linker he had an idea to start a pop culture group and asked Will if he would like to lead the group. Will said leading the group was out of his comfort zone but he wanted to give it a go. He liked the idea of showing and teaching other people about his passion for anime and video games.

Since then Will has grown into the role of club and has set up a club Facebook page, Skype to engage people from rural towns, promoted the group across the community, developed meeting agendas and identified anime movies to watch.

The club originally started off with three members and now has increased to six members, thanks to Will's club promotion.

From club meetings, Will and another young man, Zac develop a friendship that has blossomed through conversations and joking around whilst sharing and teaching each other about the anime, video games and new technology they have been using.

One day, Will’s mother was not able to drop him off at the club as she had to pick up another shift for work. Zac heard about this and offered to pick Will up for meetings. Now they attend the meetings together and continue to drive the pop culture group to new heights.