Going Swimmingly

In the Upper Hunter, a simple link facilitated by Ability Links NSW has made the world of difference to a 63-year-old man looking to get more involved with his community.

Michael, who has a leg amputation above the knee, contacted Ability Links NSW on the strength of a referral from his community health occupational therapist. His therapist felt that Michael might benefit from engaging with Ability Links NSW to build up his community and social connections. 

At Michael’s first meeting with Upper Hunter-based linker Amy Mills, he explained that he had recently moved to the area and wanted to get more involved with the community and meet some new people.  

He also talked about being keen to participate in swimming activities at the local aquatic centre to increase his fitness and complement the therapy being provided by his OT.

After researching what sorts of memberships and passes the local aquatic centre offered, Amy and Michael canvassed the options and arranged a yearly swim pass for Michael to use if he decided to attend on a regular basis.  

Michael was thrilled with the idea and made a commitment to visit the aquatic centre regularly and make the most of the annual pass.

Michael later told Amy in a follow-up meeting that swimming at the aquatic centre has helped him to become more involved in the community while working towards his goal of increasing his health and fitness.