Ability Links Swimming LessonsThe mother of a child with a developmental delay was referred to an Early Linker because she was looking for suitable recreational activities for her child.  The mother also reported having experienced low self-confidence due to her own personal struggles with her disability.

She shared that she and her son only left the house for grocery shopping and did not take part in any recreational activities.  The mother chose to link with the local aquatic centre and after watching a swimming lesson, and meeting the families who attended, she felt much more comfortable about attending lessons with her child. 

Since linking to the aquatic centre, the family now attends playgroup and the child is enrolled in day care.  The mother is now looking for new ways to develop friendships for herself, and is taking other steps to increase her independence, such as obtaining a driver’s licence. To that end, she has visited the Roads and Maritime Service office to prepare herself for the L’s driving test which will expand their world even further.