Ability Links Computer SkillsWhen Christopher first came into contact with Ability Links he needed help in a few key areas of his life. He did not have secure accommodation, and did not know what sorts of supports he might be eligible for, or how to go about obtaining that support, and he felt isolated from his local community.

Together with his Linker, Christopher established that he needed to understand how to engage with the NDIA, he needed help with gaining independent accommodation, and wanted to connect with people in his local community.

Together they prioritized his goals, the first of which was to gather evidence of his disability. The Linker organised a free clinical psychological assessment, which allowed him to prepare an application to access the NDIA.

Christopher was then able be linked with a housing case management service to help with his goal of living independently.

After accomplishing these important steps, Christopher felt empowered and confident about reconnecting with the Linker to plan a second set of goals. He now wished to address his literacy difficulties, so that he could independently fill-out forms. He also set a goal of acquiring computer skills. Christopher shared the fact that he had owned a computer for three years but had never learned how to use it. He specifically wanted to learn how to use his computer to store photographs and email people.

The Linker accompanied Christopher to a meeting at the local community Centre with the Centre’s coordinator, who arranged for him to be supported through the process of joining a local computer skills class.

Christopher was able to successfully apply for and join the computer classes to learn how to operate his laptop, send and respond to emails, store photos, and more.