Riding a Life Long Dream

Kathy standing next to her tandem bicycle with male co-riderWe never want to give up the things we love, but for Kathy Fuller repeated eye infections from dust, wind and smoke gave her little choice.

Prior to the eye infections, Kathy who is vision and hearing impaired, was a keen gardener and volunteer for Riding for the Disabled, however, the pain from the infection was too excruciating and took a toll on her confidence, until it got to the stage that she decided to give it all up.

On making contact with the Ability Links program, Kathy expressed a desire to return to the activities she loved.

Kathy’s Linker suggested wearing protective eye wear and worked with Kathy’s Optometrist to see if their suppliers could make a frame in which her strong prescription lenses could be fitted.

The results were perfect and allowed Kathy to return to the activities she loved.

A month after receiving her glasses Kathy again contacted her Linker for a chat where she shared a childhood dream of wanting to learn to ride a bike. Kathy felt that with her new glasses she now wanted to give this a try.

The Linker contacted a company in Melbourne who specialised in Tandem Bikes then applied for funds to purchase the bike.

After begin successful in pulling the funds together and purchasing the bike, the Linker partnered with the local Cycling Club where Kathy was introduced to club coaches and pilots who welcomed her into their club.

“It was fantastic,” Kathy said. “You feel free and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I’ve been waiting for it to happen for a long time.”

The Wagga Cycling Club are now the legal custodians of our Community Bike which is available to anyone in the community with a disability who wants to learn to ride.