Ride Along

Chris sitting on the back of a motorcycle with male co-riderLinkers are renowned for asking “why not” rather than telling people “you can’t” and for Chris, this was very much his experience when he made contact with a local Linker.

Some years ago, Chris suffered a large stroke. The stroke left him unable to have full use of one of his legs, an arm and also caused him to have difficulty with speech.

Chris’s stroke also robbed him of one of his passions - or so he thought.

After spending time with Chris to see what made him tick and what made him happy, the Linker soon discovered that Chris had a love of motorcycles and had been an enthusiast before his stroke.

He and the Linker spoke about his experiences on bikes and Chris was clearly still very interested.

Together, they came up with a plan for Chris to meet Nigel, a fellow motorcycle enthusiast who happened to ride a 1700cc Harley Davidson. Upon asking, Nigel agreed to take Chris for some rides on the Harley.
The linker said following the ride Chris has a beaming smile from ear to ear.

“Those who have felt that freedom that only a Harley offers will understand that it took Chris quite a while to take the smile off his face,” the Linker said.

Following their initial meeting, Nigel was keen to take Chris out for a few rides to smaller towns around the area and also asked Chris if it was ok for him to visit to catch up occasionally.

Chris happily agreed and a continuing link was formed.