Overcoming Setbacks

Overcoming Setbacks - Another great story about how our Linkers can help people to overcome challenges.

Natasha is a 35-year-old woman who has long struggled with her mental health. Due to her anxiety and depression, she found herself becoming increasingly socially isolated over time.

When she met with a Linker, Natasha identified a number of goals she wanted to explore to help her re-engage with her community, including volunteer work, possibly in an administrative capacity, and doing more exercise.

Natasha took a few weeks to consider details provided of the volunteer program offered by the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre. She was disappointed that the neighbourhood centre already had a full contingent of office volunteers, and so she asked her linker to look into the possibility of volunteering at a local medical centre.

Unfortunately, the linker found that there was no need of a volunteer receptionist or administration assistant at the local medical centre, however, Natasha managed to turn her disappointment around.

She did connect with the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre afterall, and committed to volunteering at their “Habitat in Harmony” community garden. She also came up with her own list of organisations she thought might welcome a volunteer. Together with her Linker, Natasha explored volunteering opportunities at schools and real estate agents.

Natasha also took charge of her exercise goal. When she and the Linker first met, Natasha mentioned that she enjoyed bike riding. One of her goals was to investigate social cycling clubs. While the Linker was researching cycling clubs in Natasha’s local area, Natasha decided to start cycling on her own, which she now does twice a week, with the support of her Mum.

Natasha still struggles with her health but she is volunteering and cycling her way back into her community.

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