OOSH Social

Lilyarna was first referred to Ability Links through the family’s Early Intervention Service for social connections. 

Lilyarna’s grandmother, Cheryl, was looking for ways to help Lilyarna develop her social skills, but there were limited opportunities for her to interact with kids her own age outside of school.  The linker and Cheryl discussed some of the activities that Lilyarna might enjoy, which included arts and crafts.  They talked about local options including Out of School Hours Care (OOSH) after school.  Cheryl decided that OOSH was a good idea and would allow Lilyarna to develop friendships with children from her school, as well as from other local schools.

Together with her Linker Cheryl scheduled a visit to the local OOSH centre to introduce Lilyarna and gather enrolment information.  At that visit Lilyarna’s face lit up at the sight of all the activities and the other children and quickly joined in with an activity.

The OOSH coordinator gave Cheryl and Lilyarna an orientation tour of the centre, and enrolment forms to complete at home. Lilyarna was enjoying herself so much she didn’t want to leave.

After a few weeks of attending Cheryl said Lilyarna was doing well. As well as providing a social outlet for Lilyarna, it was providing a form of an informal respite for Cheryl, allowing her to focus on her own goals and activities.