Metamorphosis: a life story from loathing to liking yourself.‚Äč

I met Michelle  through a community event and learned what Ability Links was about and wanted to connect with a Linker so that I could try to find closeness and help with relationships I was having with people. 

Well, I had a really really bad upbringing. My childhood was full of a whole lot of negative situations. In turn made my self-esteem and confidence very depleted. I didn't have any self-worth and I wasn't able to find where I fitted in. 

Michelle found alternative ways to perhaps look at my self-esteem and connect me to a spiritual group locally which I found to be really empowering, and it's done amazing things to my self-esteem and confidence. 

I learned it was OK to close my eyes and actually meditate with a group of strangers, the women were welcoming very supportive in what my needs were at the time, if I use the analogy from a caterpillar into a butterfly I am looking forward to spreading these wings and flying i am finding I have more in common with a lot more people and it has just done amazing things for me. 

I am happy to actually get out of the house I am happy to wake up in the morning. cause I have this community around me that  says you are acceptable for you the way you are you don;t have to fit into a certain mold you can be you and I enjoy being me. I like me.