Mary's Panchant for Poetry

Ever since Mary was young she has loved writing poetry. Over the years, this love has extended to a desire to share her poetry with others, however, opportunities for poetry events were few and far between in her town.

When Mary discussed her passion with a local linker, they decided to work together with the local library where Mary volunteers to plan an event where she could perform her poetry.

The Linker introduced Mary to the coordinator of the local arts council who was also a poet and could guide Mary in putting on the event. Mary invited other local and visiting poets to participate in the event and together worked to plan and promote the poetry event.

When the evening finally arrived, there was a great turn out with many community members, family and friends attending. Mary spent time talking with the other poets and was actually a calming influence for another poet who also had not performed her poetry before and was very nervous. Mary was calm and composed as she delivered her poetry.

Afterwards she said she was so proud of herself and could not believe that her dream was coming true.

Mary is now connected with other local poets and has plans for a solo public speaking/poetry event soon. Mary says her next works will focus on her experience of living with disability and striving to achieve all that she can in her life.

Mary says she hopes to motivate and encourage others in the community who either live with disability or without, to work towards their goals and to overcome adversity.