The Life of Lyle

Lyle in his chefs uniform in the KitchenLife has not always been very simple for Lyle.

Although only in his early 20s, Lyle has been forced to deal with issues many people wouldn’t have to face in their entire lifetimes.

Growing up, Lyle had to deal with issues around homelessness, domestic violence, and family trauma.

Furthermore, due to neglect as a child Lyle’s education was very limited which didn’t allow him to make strong friendships and made him very isolated after leaving school.

After coming into contact with Lyle, a local Linker sat down with him to discuss his future goals and what he wanted to achieve.

Lyle expressed a desire to get into the workforce and get greater independence.

As a result, Lyle’s Linker arranged a successful application for ‘Transition To Work Funding’, linked him in with a like-minded social group in the region and introduced him to the Connecting Home service to find appropriate accommodation, something he is particularly pleased about.

“You should come and see my new unit,” Lyle says. “Connecting Home are helping me with cooking and cleaning, but I’m a better cook than they are.”

Lyle’s Linker has also connected him with Let’s Get Driving!, a partnership project with Ability Links and Community Transport that helps young people with a disability attain their license.

Now, Lyle says his confidence has improved and is now aiming to get on the Youth High Council, a local group that creates and puts on events for other young people.

“I’ve just about got my Ps.”

“I want to get on the Youth High Council. It’s good that Larry (who is into Anime and on the High Council) only lives down the road - He and I can meet up anytime.”

Lyle Linker says he is now initiating everything on his own and appears happier and expresses pride in his personal achievements.