Supporting Luke Get Back On Top

When Luke picked up an Ability Links flyer at a local op shop, he was at crisis point and didn’t know where to turn. 

Luke had been experiencing mental illness and substance abuse for most of his life and said he was on the verge of relapsing and wanted to attempt suicide due to his current situation. 

Financial problems, unstable housing, isolation, relationship breakdowns and depression had placed Luke at breaking point. 

Ability Links supported Luke to take control of his life, make some positive changes and start planning for his future.

The Linker assisted Luke to link with the Mid Coast Tenants Advice Service to get advice on his rights. They found that the notice of termination received by Luke was invalid. 

Luke and the Linkers met with the caravan park manager to resolve the tenancy dispute and avoid involving the tribunal, however, the manager responded with abuse and aggressive behaviour. 

Luke and the Linkers then met with the caravan park owner; together they resolved the issues favourably for both parties and Luke now has secure accommodation.  

The Linker also connected Luke with a financial counsellor who helped Luke iron out his financial issues and worked with him to reconnect with Narcotics Anonymous and his sponsor to continue his recovery journey. 

Luke now has plans to work towards going back to study and working in the Community Services field to help others facing hardship and to make a meaningful contribution to his community.

Photos and names may have been changed to protect the participant’s identity.