Back to Tafe - Linda's Story

Linda experiences anxiety and depression that leaves her unable to leave the bedroom and makes it difficult for her to attend school. 

Although Linda is well supported by her family, she was unsure what the next step was for her future.

On her first meeting with Ability Links, Linda and her Linker discussed local services that Linda could be linked in with like the Careers Network and options for completing her HSC at TAFE. 

Previously, Linda had been assessed by TAFE and told that she did not meet the requirements to attend. Linda’s Linker was able to facilitate a meeting with TAFE and get them to agree to have her enrol.

Despite her previous bad experience, Linda was ready to give TAFE another go. Linda’s Linker provided Linda with coping strategies and together, they attended Linda’s first day of TAFE.

Linda is happy with how things have progressed and is grateful for the support that she has been given by Ability Links. She is now even confident enough to have re-commenced some casual work. 

Linda said “without you [Linker] I may have just walked away from TAFE as the first time I went one of the teachers told me I should be in school.” 

“Now they are all keen to support me,” she says smiling.
Linda says she is now much happier in herself, she feels she has a direction and a goal. She is also confident that she can call on further support from the Linker if needed.

Photos and names may have been changed to protect the participant’s identity.