The joy of learning new things

Julie was initially referred to Ability Links by a partner organisation.  Julie originally wished to be linked with a variety of activities so that she would have more opportunities to be active in the community.  Julie’s physical disability posed a challenge to being able to have regular involvement in anything other than medical appointments, and this at first prevented her from participating in a Spanish language course and AUSLAN course that she and her Linker had found together.

After nearly 8 months, Julie returned to Ability Links after having had surgery.  Julie expressed interest again in signing up for the Spanish course she had held off from previously, but also wished to participate in some form of gentle exercise to help with her mobility.  

Together with the Linker, Julie approached the local branch of the library that was hosting the Spanish course.  They discovered that the course had available places for the upcoming term and so the Linker supported Julie to enrol for the course.

Julie and the Linker then went and spoke to a local martial arts gym and discovered that there were qigong classes for adults available, and that the classes were the right pace and level for Julie.  The instructor spoke with Julie and gave a tour of the gym.  Julie signed up for a trial class.

After a few weeks of attending both the Spanish course and the qigong class, Julie stated to her Linker “It’s been such a long time since I felt this happy”.  Julie stated that she was already beginning to feel that she could walk a little faster again since starting qigong.  In regard to her Spanish class, Julie informed her Linker that she is in a class with good people and that a fellow classmate she had befriended now offers to drive her home after classes each week.