Connecting to a Passion - Jason's Story

Jason Roberts

When Jason first came to Ability Links his passion for photography, film making and editing was clear.

Jason had previously participated in a couple of disability specific theatre/media projects in his local area and was wanting to have more experiences working in these areas.

However, after completing a Transition To Work Program, Jason found himself staying at home on his own most days and not being part of any local social activities.

Jason’s Linker managed to secure funding that would enable Stephen to access the local Community Participation Program. This allowed Jason to have more social opportunities however, it didn’t really help him with his goal to learn more about film making and media in general.

The Linker then Linked Jason in with information about a local inclusive arts/media project called Luminosity. The Linker then spoke with the organisers of the project and arranged for Steven to work alongside the film maker to gain some firsthand experience of making a documentary.

Jason has now starred in his very own documentary and says he wants to take on TAFE training so that he can fine tune his skills and one day wants to start his own business.