Filter coffee, not people

To mark Social Inclusion Week, Ability Links has designed coffee cups featuring quotes from people with disability which will be seen at cafes across NSW during the week. The quotes highlight how people would like to be included:


‘It’s nice that you want to help, but please offer rather than assume I need assistance.’
‘Start by asking me how my day is going, not by asking about my disability’
‘I may have a disability, but I have dreams and goals like anyone else.’
‘How I got to this café is the least interesting thing about me. It’s just how I roll.’
‘It’s okay to be curious, but I’d prefer it if you said hello rather than stare at me.’

The concept was developed by St Vincent de Paul Society NSW’s Ability Links and has been enthusiastically embraced by other Ability Links organisations across the State, with over 100 cafes taking part.

Social Inclusion Week encourages communities to reconnect and be inclusive of all their community members, including people experiencing disadvantage, and people from diverse cultural and social groups, ages and abilities.

The coffee cup campaign is designed to challenge common perceptions and attitudes about people with disability, and to promote inclusion within the community.

Share your stories of inclusion, or upload a picture of your bright coffee cup, to social media with #inclusivecoffee.