Linking in action: The Inclusion Tree mural

Denamn Public School Inclusion Tree Mural 🎨👨‍🏭

We took a drive up to the picturesque Upper Hunter Valley town of Denman recently to have a squiz at a wonderful initiative being led by Linker Samantha Clydsdale as part of the SmartArt2 project highlighting inclusion and diversity.

Working in partnership with the school they came up with the concept of creating an ‘Inclusion Tree’ mural where students and teachers could in an artistic interpretation communicate what inclusion means to them.

Not only is the mural a mighty impressive piece of art, we also had the opportunity to sit down with the kids to hear what the tree means to them and most importantly what it means to be part of an inclusive school where people of diversity are embraced.

Here are just some of the things these fantastic young humans shared about inclusion.

Patrick: “Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t make outstanding achievements.”

Rylan: “I believe that every kid should be included in every game you play whether they have a disability or not.”

Lucy: “Everyone has the right to be included.”

The school also has a teacher, Mr Morris, with Cerebral Palsy who contributed a tile to the wall featuring a robot and an Ipad. This tile represents the potential of technology to make the lives of people with disability easier and create even more opportunities for being a more included member of the school and wider community.

All in all it was a wonderful day out, the kids all received a certificate for their involvement and as leaders of a more inclusive future we’re in good hands.

We’ll let the video & photos below do the talking and some final words from student Jo.

“We’re all meant to stand out.”

Yes we are.