Horses helping families connect

Kellie and her two children with a horseEvery parent knows getting your children to want to go to school can be tough, but for Kellie, it was tougher than most.

Due to ongoing bullying, Kellie’s kids didn’t want to go to school and she found it difficult to communicate with her children without conflict.

After connecting with a local Linker and discussing her situation, the Linker suggested the family go along to a new program happening locally called “Horses Helping Humans” and organised funding for the family to attend.

The program focuses on creating empowerment, self-confidence and anger management through working with horses.

“We never get to do anything together and we are using the techniques at home to help us to get along better.”

“The kids are much more confident and are OK to go to school now”

At the final session, the Linker took along a local volunteer (who also owns horses) to meet the family. The volunteer has since offered to have the family out to her place for continued interaction with her animals.