Getting around - Carey’s Story

For regional areas, lack of transport options can be very isolating and for Carey, it meant he was spending most of his time at home. 

When Carey and an Ability Links’ ‘Linker’ first met up to discuss his goals and aspirations, Carey talked about his difficulty in getting around town. 

Carey told his Linker that he either had to walk or catch a taxi, as there was no public transport available and that because of the cost of taxis, he wasn’t able to access his local community as often as he would like, especially if it was raining.

Carey had previously tried applying for a taxi subsidy and been turned down. The Linker contacted the local community transport provider to see if they could assist with taxi vouchers and arranged a meeting. They listened to Carey’s story and issued him a set of taxi vouchers. 

The Linker also assisted in Linking Carey with an aged care facility where he wanted to volunteer. Carey was given a tour of the facility and discussed how he would like to help. 

Carey said he “couldn’t wait to start” and is happy he can now get out and about more thanks to the taxi vouchers.