Creating Community Change – Kevin’s Story

Participants in the Scootability event to raise awareness of access issues for people on scootersWhen Ill health, combined with physical disabilities forced Kevin to use a mobility scooter to get around, he began to notice the difficulties faced by scooter users in his home town.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of awareness of mobility scooter access within his local community, Kevin thought it was time to take action into his own hands and become an advocate for local scooter users.

After meeting up with his local Linker, the two developed a plan of action to address the access issue.

Kevin, with support from his Linker, held a ‘ScootAbility’ day in which local councillors, business people and media identities rode motor scooters through the main CBD of Griffith.

The day helped raise awareness of the difficulties scooter users face on a daily basis and the value of social inclusion with local Mayor, Dino Zappacosta saying the ride had given councillors first hand insight into some of the difficulties scooter users face.

Kevin said he was excited by the response to the event and was pleased that at last, he had achieved his goal.

Through the process, Kevin developed strong networks, reignited his passion for educating others, and has become a ‘change-agent’ within his Community.

Kevin is now a valuable contributor to the Griffith City Council Access Committee and is looking at more opportunities to educate the wider community on issues around access for people with disability.