Ability Links ConversationsA history of domestic violence had left Flo with back injuries and depression. She had anxiety about an upcoming court appearance, and felt isolated, with some communication barriers contributing to her feelings of isolation.

Flo said she would like to make friends with people from her country of origin, being the Philippines. Flo reported being unable to drive long distances and identified that as a barrier to her achieving those desired social connections, given that the only relevant multicultural group that she was aware of was a relatively long drive away, in Newcastle. 

The Linker checked to ensure that Flo had support to attend court, ascertained that Flo had made contact with the court support service. They then set about making connections with a multi-cultural group that met regularly at Flo’s local community centre. The meetings are held twice a month, as well as regular social events, such as picnics and other get-togethers. 

The Linker also introduced Flo to ‘Conversation Café’, a multi-cultural friendship group which meets for meals, events, and movie outings in the local area. After joining the group and meeting all of the members, Flo has found and reconnected with an old friend she first met a few years ago who has recently relocated to Flo’s area. The same friend will now also be supporting Flo by accompanying her to upcoming court appearances.