Back to Work - Brad's Story

Brad and team at Bob Jane T-Mart

Brad came to Ability Links wanting to get back into the workforce.

When he met with his Linker, he explained that he had been trying to get in contact with his last place of employment but they weren’t returning his calls.

Brad’s Linker, who just happened to know the recruitment manager, was able to set up a meeting and assist with the paperwork for Brad to recommence employment with them. However, between meeting his Linker and the meeting at his old workplace, Brad approached Chris, the owner of Bob Jane T-Marts at his local club and asked if there were any job opportunities.

Next thing you know, Brad had been offered a job.

Brad was over the moon that he had secured a new job, in a new workplace that paid more per hour than his last job. The only issue was, the owner had some requests that Brad needed to act on in order to get started.


Brad shared the good news with his Linker and explained that he would need assistance from a local job provider which the Linker was able to support him with.

Working together, Brad and his Linker were able to negotiate employment, organise on job supports, training and set up a support network for Brad to utilise.

Brad is now working 2 hours a day, 4 days a week and is loving it.

The owner and staff have embraced Brad and acknowledge his valuable contribution to the workplace. They have BBQs together, which Brad loves as it’s a chance to hang out with the boys, have a laugh and build friendships.

Chris, the owner, has said that Brad has “a wonderful sense of humour, helps the other workers out and has great customer service skills”. 

Brad told his Linker that he is very happy and is up early each morning in order to get to work and work hard.