The best day ever – Julia’s Story

Julia and helper learning how to hit a golf ballWhen Birgit heard about an International Day of People with Disability event happening in her area, she wasn’t sure about taking her daughter Julia…but she’s over the moon that she did.

“Prior to the day I wasn't sure if I should take her out of school for a few hours so that she could attend,” Birgit recalls.

 “But then I thought, often enough in life she has it difficult or challenging with her disability (albinism) but this is the chance for her to have something positive out of having a disability.”

The day attracted several hundred people from around the area with attendees enjoying drumming, trapeze and circus, face painting, balloon animals, the community choir, high school brass band, Inclusion Art Display, accessible sports and a sausage sizzle.

Birgit said while some aspects of the day were a little overwhelming for Julia, over all the day was a huge success.

“On the day before the event, Julia was busily making and decorating drums and although on the day she found it too noisy to sit with all the other drummers, she was happy to sit in a quieter spot and join in.

Birgit said the day also gave her the chance to get more information about disability-related services.

“The ones most relevant to us I knew already from previous disability days… but it is always good to get to know new ones - even if they are not directly of relevance to our family - some of our friends or we ourselves might need them in the future.”

However, Birgit said the highlight of the day came in car trip back to school.

“Julia said to me, Mum, this was the best day ever! I love Disability Day!”