Back to school for the future

Reliving childhood trauma is rarely easy.

So when Michael, who suffered institutional trauma as a child and left school as soon as he was able, decided to return to the classroom after talking to a local Linker, he was naturally apprehensive.

On meeting with the local Linker, Michael identified that he wanted to learn more about IT in the hope it would help him to find employment.

However, he lacked confidence in his ability to learn and was quite afraid of being in a classroom environment again, even though he had the desire to learn.

To make the transition to a classroom environment easier, Michael’s Linker negotiated with the College’s tutor for Michael to start with special one-to-one support until he had gained more confidence.

Throughout the course, Michael’s Linker remained a support and was able to provide encouragement along the way.

Michael’s tutor says he flourished in the class and was even helping other students in the classroom with their work.

Michael says he can now look back at what he calls a pretty dark place in his life and is happy with the increased confidence he feels now.

“I would like to thank my linker so much for getting me back on track, and believing in me,” Michael says.

Michael says he is looking forward to doing further studies in IT in the next 6 months and remains hopeful of finding employment.