Anytime, Anywhere

Gabi and Tassie - community engagement in action! 

Gabi is an Ability Linker in Sydney’s Inner West, and is regularly out and about connecting with the community with her guide dog, Tassie. Recently Gabi was waiting with Tassie to catch a bus to work when a woman with a hearing impairment approached her with a question about Tassie. 

"She couldn't communicate with me directly but another lady waiting for the bus was able to sign and interpret," Gabi said. 

Gabi went on to have a conversation with the two women at the bus stop, about Tassie, and how she works alongside Gabi, linking people with disability. 

She was able to give them an insight into how Ability Links works, who it helps, and what people with disabilities, their families and carers can gain through contact with a linker. 

“Communication with one’s community doesn’t always take an expected form,” Gabi said. 

“It can happen anytime, anywhere."