Travel Training

Courtney first came across Ability Links not long after she moved into Rankin Park. One of her challenges was to try and find some sporting activities that she liked to do that she could access. One example was horse riding.

Courtney says that her linker, Donna Surtees, found the first couple of people that she tried to talk to about accessing horse riding  “quite unapproachable” but she did find one location where staff were more friendly.

“She also found rock climbing, and high ropes courses. I like to rock climb and do high ropes and do active sports like that. 

Donna also found an organisation called Hire Up.

Courtney is keen to pursue work as a travel trainer.
“Around the disability community I have seen situations where carers are not quite fully aware of travel training. I’d like to not only train people with disabilities but provide that service to their carers … because a lot of them are used to using their own cars and travelling via private transport.”

She believes that if people can make better use of public transport rather than relying on expensive transport options such as taxis, they would enjoy much greater freedom by travelling independently in the community.