Stress Relief

Carol Hutton first engaged with Ability Links to find some social activities.

With her husband at work all week, Carol found herself feeling isolated, particularly since her battle with throat cancer. Together with her Linker, Claire, she started to explore suitable options in the community, but then became quite ill and ended up in the hospital.

When Carol was discharged from hospital she was told by medical staff that she needed to go home and rest, and she would need a carer to help her manage.

This became an immediate issue for Carol and her family. Carol’s husband, Greg, did not have the sort of flexibility at his workplace which would allow him to take time off. The only other people available to help care for Carol on a daily basis were her parents, however, they were elderly, and, at the relevant time, they were struggling with health issues of their own.

Those circumstances made Carol, Greg and Carol’s parents feel extremely stressed and panicked - who was going to help Carol until she could get back on her feet??

Carol’s parents made a call to her Linker, Claire, to see if there was anything Claire could suggest. Claire made some enquiries which led to Alicia, from Emergency Respite Relief. That link resulted in the provision of a support worker for two hours per day, every day, for two weeks. That allowed Carol’s parents time to recover, allowed Greg to continue working and most importantly provided Carol with the safety net she needed.

Carol and Greg were thrilled with the news and were very happy to learn there was no waiting list. Carol met her new support worker that next day!