Seeking and providing guidance

I want to become a pastor because during my childhood I experienced a lot of trauma. And I have experienced a lot more than most people have experienced. And throughout my circumstances, it has strengthened me and God has been there all my life. And, if it wasn’t for God then I don’t think that I would be here. He strengthened me beyond me and I just know it’s supernatural.

I engaged with Ability Links because I was struggling to do general everyday things and make decisions and that.

Ability Links has helped me to find out all the information to make a decision on what college to go with. There’s been obstacles along the way. And, Donna has been there and helped me through all the obstacles and given it more time than what I have, cause I run around a lot doing different things.

I believe that Mount Macquarie College they offer everything I was looking for. They have a structured course. So you can have – part of it you can do online through a distance [course], and you also have the ability to meet people and form new friendships – and – the one-on-one teaching with a teacher as well.

Chaplaincy I chose because I guess it fits into what I experienced when I was younger. And, I can work outside of the church, but I can also choose to work in the church as well. You can do ministry and chaplaincy at the same time.

I believe you have to be trustworthy. You have to be honest. You have to be showing to other people that you are leading a Christian life. And, that you can cope with things that are thrown at you, more than most people. And I believe I have all them characteristics.

Honestly, I don’t know what my future goal is, because I trust God. Every day I that he leads me and the Holy Spirit leads me to it.  So, right now my plan is to do the course and see what doors God opens.