MMAD Adventures

This video is about a young man connecting to what he loves.

Ability Links linker Marni had had regular contact with Tara at Coffee Allsorts, also known as the Prompt Education Café, which is a coffee shop located in Gosford that also sells sensory toys for children on the spectrum. Tara had started the business as she has a son on the Spectrum and wanted to make these resources accessible to other people too.
Tara had spoken of her son Declan, who is now 16, and mentioned that he was getting quite depressed at not having any friends at school and feeling he could not meet people that had similar interests to him.
After discussion, Tara spoke with her son Declan about meeting up with Marni and trying to find some links in the community for him to pursue his interests.
After the initial meeting, Marni was able to arrange for Declan to connect with MMAD (Musicians Makin a Difference) and connect him into a group called “Break Free” which runs on a Friday afternoon. Here, young people can go to “hang out” and have a jam on the instruments or get involved in any other activity that is going on.
Declan’s mother Tara stated that he normally never wants to stay anywhere and that she or her husband usually have to wait around outside. However, now the opposite is true. Declan does not want to leave and was not happy that he had to miss a day at MADD due to a pre-planned family weekend away.
Tara explained that she has noticed a change in Declan and said he loves the activities and she has enrolled him into their “Sound Foundations” course for 2017 to learn about music recording and production.