Facing Up – Woolworths Providing Work Experience Opportunities

Participants in the Facing Up program with manager at the seafood section of the supermarketHave you ever had an idea but not known what to do with it or who to approach?

When Dean, a manager at the local Woolworths developed an idea to include people with a disability in his Woolworths store, he wasn’t sure where to go.

So when Dean found out his former employee had become a Linker for Ability Links, he took the opportunity to pitch his idea. Excited by the opportunity the Linker looked for a group of people that may be interested.

It wasn’t long before the Linker became aware that a local disability enterprise, Glen Industries, had been looking for an opportunity like this and jumped at the opportunity.

It was decided that Glen Industries would send six employees on a rotating roster of six-week blocks to Woolworths for three hours on a Tuesday morning, where they would face up all the stock on the shelves and Woolworths would include them in their staff only Try-it-Tuesday.

On the first visit to Woolworths, Dean gave the employees a tour of the store and they got to meet all the Woolworths staff in the different departments.

After finishing their work, the Glen Industries team joined other staff for Try-It-Tuesday (free lunch). The employees loved their first day and couldn’t stop talking about it.

This partnership between Woolworths and Glen Industries has now continued for 18 months and the Glen Industries employees have been accepted as part of the Woolworths team and able to interact with Woolworths staff outside of work.

The Glen Industries employees also now take their family’s shopping at Woolworths weekly as they feel like they belong there and they get to show their family’s where everything is.