Cooking Class Connections

Emily Cooking Class ConnectionEmily is a vibrant young lady with an intellectual disability who lives in a local group home with several housemates. She has a real passion for trying new things, and likes to keep herself busy.

Emily was introduced to two linkers and their team leader at a meeting with the other members of her household. The Linkers spoke to Emily and the rest of the group about the work that Ability Links does, and offered their support to achieve their goals.

Emily connected with one of the linkers at the meeting and spoke with ease about what she enjoys and the goals she has for the future.  Emily talked about how she loves to cook and how she wanted to learn more about food. Emily and her linker explored her passion and talked some more about what aspects of cooking she enjoyed and what she’d like to do. Emily said she wanted to learn how to cook new and exciting meals at home for when it was her turn to cook for the house.

The linker offered to do some research to find out if there were any cooking classes or a cooking course that might be in Emily’s local area. Emily agreed with that course of action and to meet with her linker again the following week.

On being presented with some options, Emily was very interested in one in particular, a cooking course being held at the local neighbourhood centre and which was due to start the following week.

The course focussed on teaching people how to plan, prepare and cook nutritious food on a budget. Emily thought this was a really good idea and something she would love to be a part of, so together with her Linker Emily contacted the neighbourhood centre and enrolled in the cooking course.

Emily decided to meet with the linker on the first day of the cooking class. She reported back that she involved herself in all aspects of the course, learning to cook three different meals on the first day. 

“My favourite was the Bread and Butter Pudding,” Emily said. 

Emily enjoyed the course so much that, after talking with other participants, she decided to do the same course again the following week at another neighbourhood centre the following week.

“It will be good to meet other people, too,” she said. Emily is now booked in for another week of fun!