Confident Voice

Kid on swing

SEVEN-year-old Glen was recently accepted into the NDIS with an identified speech delay and other difficulties. Glen’s school counsellor, having recognised that his mother, Glen’s primary carer, was unwell and struggling to navigate his package, referred the family to Ability Links to help them make best use of Glen’s NDIS plan by providing them with information, building their capacity to negotiate the scheme, and provide them with links to formal and informal services in the community.

The Linker met with Glen’s mum and provided her with information to help her better understand what accessing the NDIS entailed, how Glen’s plan could be used, and what different therapy options were available and how those therapies could help Glen achieve his goals.  Glen’s mum said that while a large service provider had already made contact with the family and were happy to help and provide therapy, they were at capacity, and so Glen’s mother was looking for other therapists.

Glen’s mother was able to independently contact various therapy services from the list that linker had compiled. Subsequently Glen began to access NDIS-funded speech and occupational therapy. When the larger provider, who Glen’s mother preferred, became available, she was able to change to the larger provider. Through her contact with Ability Links, Glen’s mother was aware that she had a choice and had the confidence to make the changes to suit their current situation.

The linker also linked the family to the Samaritans Creative Times program for Glen and his siblings, and is continuing to help the family obtain a computer for personal use, more specifically to access the NDIS portal.

Early Links will remain involved with the family to support them through that process and encourage further independence, capacity building, and inclusion in social activities available within the local community.