Community Partnerships

ABILITY Links NSW has developed a positive working relationship with Lakeside School following a referral to the Morisset office. 

Through the referral process and in the wake of the benefits which flowed from the family’s engagement with Ability Links, the principal recognised the value of forming a partnership with Ability Links NSW.

On that basis, Ability Links NSW was invited to visit the school on a regular basis to offer support to parents, family members and students.

The visits were advertised in the school newsletter, along with information about what Ability Links NSW offers.

The partnership which has developed highlights the shared aims of Ability Links NSW and schools like Lakeside, which has a vision to work with the whole school community to recognise the importance of individual differences. 

The school aims to provide a safe, positive environment for students with specific needs, resulting in confident, engaged learners, as well as participating and valued members of society. 

The school plans to achieve those aims via an ongoing commitment to quality teaching and evidence-based research leading to innovative approaches in special education. 

  • Together the school and the linker agreed to monthly visits until the end of 2016, followed by an evaluation of outcomes, which included:
  • To create awareness of what sorts of supports are available in the wider community
  • To gain referrals
  • To let parents/carers and teachers learn more about what Ability Links does
  • To support the local community and the school
  • To maintain partnerships with the school and the Gateshead community.