AUSLAN for everyone

A simple conversation between Maitland-based Linkers and the Teacher of the Deaf at Maitland Grossmann High School, Michael Healy, has generated a brilliant example of inclusivity in a mainstream school, which set a new standard for other schools to follow nationwide.

Maitland Grossmann High School now offers Auslan classes to all of its students, with Michael Healy, Teacher of the Deaf, currently teaching Auslan not only to his students in the Deaf and Support unit classes, but also offering Auslan as a subject to all other mainstream students.

In Years 9 and 10 the school offers mainstream Auslan classes as an elective language subject –far 16 students in year 10, and eleven students in year 9, have took up the subject in 2016.

Michael confirmed that all MGHS school assemblies and presentations are signed (interpreted by a Teacher’s Aide using Auslan), ensuring all school activities are fully inclusive.

Maitland Grossmann High School has also offered Auslan classes after hours for teachers, staff members, community services staff and any other members of the community that are interested.    

Michael has confirmed that Maitland Grossmann High School will continue to offer low cost Auslan classes to all members of the public in 2017.