Autism Social Inclusion Gaming Event

Angela has two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged 16 and 12.

“They both fell into that 8-16 category where no one would help me with anything and there was just nothing, nothing for my children to do,’’ she said.

“I was home schooling, because my children could no longer go to school, and they had no social contact or any social peers so I decided to start a social educational group for my children so we could get them out there learning how to be appropriate with other people their age.’’

A Lake Macquarie linker put Angela in touch with Sam, a 27-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome, who was looking for support from Ability Links relating to his passions for computers and gaming.

“We wanted to create a community within the gaming arena so they could be working together, and forming friendships,” Angela said.

“There’s been several attempts at gaming events, we’ve attended a few, and they have failed miserably. With the help of Sam I think we can do it on our own.”

Angela is planning on conducting a survey to better understand what the children want from such an event. Sam has been able to advise Angela about what sorts of games might be appropriate.

“He has been able to navigate what games will be useful,’’ she said.
Sam is planning to help Angela organise and run gaming events in the future. He reports that being involved with Angela’s group, ASIGE (Autism Social Inclusion Gaming Event) has helped him to feel more valuable and given him an opportunity to hone skills that might assist him in his pursuit of paid work.