Community Development Resource Package

ARTD Consultants worked with Linkers across NSW to develop the ALNSW Community Development Resource Package. The Package celebrates the successes of ALNSW’s community development projects, and shares learnings to support other organisations in increasing inclusion in their local communities. This promotional video explains how the package can be used and is a useful tool for Linkers to promote our services to their local networks..

You can access the package by using the link below:

Ability Links Community Development Resource Package (PDF)


A successful approach to building inclusive communities revealed

According to Urbis Director of Economic and Social Advisory Alison Wallace, who was responsible for the three-year evaluation of Ability Links, “The program model is a winner... In 25 years of evaluating government initiatives, I have rarely come across a program that has achieved so much in such a short space of time."‚Äč

The program has been particularly successful in Aboriginal communities – more than a quarter of the people accessing Ability Links are Indigenous – a major achievement.

According to Urbis Chief Economist Nicki Hutley, the findings of the cost-benefit analysis and social return of investment is ground-breaking work.

Click here to learn more about the Urbis reports. Or click on the report images to download them each.


Ability Links Guidelines

Using the guide

This guide is designed to support Providers across the state to deliver ALNSW as intended and to continously improve the model. Both Managers and Linkers will find the information relevant to their roles.

Ability Links Guidelines (PDF)