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Pat's Story

8 May 2017

Pat came to Ability Links for some help in setting up work experience in the IT industry.

His Linker Sarah also helped Pat achieve his goal of learning Auslan at TAFE, which is where Pat met his friend Jake. Pat now works full-time for a large technology firm. A local success story in connection & inclusiveness! This is his story.


Back to Work - Brad's Story

20 Apr 2017

Brad and team at Bob Jane T-Mart

Brad came to Ability Links wanting to get back into the workforce.

When he met with his Linker, he explained that he had been trying to get in contact with his last place of employment but they weren’t returning his calls.

Brad’s Linker, who just happened to know the recruitment manager, was able to set up a meeting and assist with the paperwork for Brad to recommence employment with them. However, between meeting his Linker and the meeting at his old workplace, Brad approached Chris, the owner of Bob Jane T-Marts at his local club and asked if there were any job opportunities.

Next thing you know, Brad had been offered a job.

Read the full story here

All Abilities Netball

17 Apr 2017

Maitland is about to host a netball tournament unlike any other.

The All Abilities Netball Competition, which will kick off on May 6, is open to all local people aged 5 to 16 living with a disability. 

Though people outside the age bracket who wish to take part are also encouraged to contact organisers.

The competition is the result of a partnership between Ability Links NSW, disability service provider Endeavour and Maitland Netball Association.

All Abilities Netball competition starts in Maitland for people with disability

Read the complete article in the Maitland Mercury


Wheelchair Table Tennis Event

10 Apr 2017

Wheel Chair Table Tennis Event group photoMarch 1st is International Wheelchair Day, a global celebration of the positive impact wheelchairs have on the lives of people around the world.  As part of this year’s festivities, Ability Links NSW partnered with the City of Sydney and Wheelchair Sports NSW to put on a ‘come and try’ wheelchair table tennis event.  The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of people who live with disability, and to promote the importance of social inclusion.

MMAD Adventures

10 Apr 2017

This video is about a young man connecting to what he loves.

Declan is introduced to MMAD (Musicians Makin a Difference) and connected into a group called “Break Free” which runs on a Friday afternoon. Here, young people can go to “hang out” and have a jam on the instruments or get involved in any other activity that is going on.
To read the full story about Declan, click here.

Safe Spaces in Public Places

5 Apr 2017

Ability Links Maitland NSW developed a space that can be deployed at events, and indeed any public location, to give people a safe space in which to rest and regain their composure. 

This space also offers attendees to access other tools such as connecting to a hearing loop, wheelchair use and sensory devices. 

This support is available free of charge to attendees, but items may vary from event to event.

To read the full transcript, please click here.

Minister visits Ability Links Gosford

4 Apr 2017

The Hon. Ray Williams, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Multiculturalism, visited the Ability Links offices in Gosford on April 3, 2017.

To watch the full NBN report, click here.

Accessible Open Day

3 Apr 2017

Calvary Retirement Community hosted a Seniors Week Open Day and Markets in Cessnock on the 11th March 2017 which involved tours of the site and stalls run by the local community and service providers. Ability Links got involved in helping promote the event was accessible and inclusive.

Read more about this accessible event.

Stress Relief

29 Mar 2017

Carol Hutton first engaged with Ability Links to find some social activities.

With her husband at work all week, Carol found herself feeling isolated, particularly since her battle with throat cancer. Together with her Linker, Claire, she started to explore suitable options in the community, but then became quite ill and ended up in the hospital.

When Carol was discharged from hospital she was told by medical staff that she needed to go home and rest, and she would need a carer to help her manage.

Read the whole story on how her stress was relieved.

Social Support Connection

27 Mar 2017


Two ladies enjoying a cup of coffeeSometimes, the nature of a person’s challenges means that Linkers need to take more time than usual to develop a rapport with somebody and earn their trust before that person can effectively engage.

That was the case for a Cessnock Linker who received a referral from a service provider for a lady suffering from anxiety and social isolation. The initial visit, which Linkers usually aim to make within a few days of receiving a referral, took some time to organise.

Click here to read the Social Support Connection story.

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