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Embarking On A New Business Adventure

9 Mar 2016

Lara's dog laying down on the grass overlooking the beachFor Lara, having Bonnie, her service dog, by her side means everything and it’s something she now wants to give others the opportunity to enjoy.

When Lara was 17, she and her family made a fateful trip to go shopping at their local shopping centre.

“We walked past a man in the car park who was carrying a tiny, scrawny, wormy pup who had fleas literally jumping off her,” Lara explains.

“We stopped and gave the pup a pat and the guy said "Do you want her?" so we brought Bonnie for $30 in the car park.” Read more.

The best day ever – Julia’s Story

8 Mar 2016

Julia and helper learning how to hit a golf ballWhen Birgit heard about an International Day of People with Disability event happening in her area, she wasn’t sure about taking her daughter Julia…but she’s over the moon that she did.

“Prior to the day I wasn't sure if I should take her out of school for a few hours so that she could attend,” Birgit recalls.

 “But then I thought, often enough in life she has it difficult or challenging with her disability (albinism) but this is the chance for her to have something positive out of having a disability.” Read more.

Hearing the Accessibility Message

5 Mar 2016

Karen Perry leaning against a wall holding Hearing Loop notification cardsFor most people going to the movies, catching a train or visiting the local council office isn’t something that’s thought twice about. However, for people with a hearing impairment, it can be a very different and sometimes challenging experience.

It’s a challenge that Karen Perry, a North West Alliance Linker with lived experience of hearing impairment, knows all too well, and something she is trying to change. Read more.

Our Story - Ability Links NSW

26 Feb 2016

Ability Links NSW works closely with people with a disability, their families and carers to support them to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams.

Whether your goal is to take part in sport, education, volunteering, or other activities, you remain at the centre of decision making about how you want to lead your life. Read more.


Jennifer's Story

26 Feb 2016

Jennifer paining at desk surrounded by paintings

An inspiring story of an Ability Links participant who follows her dream to study art at TAFE.

Ability Links works with people with any kind of life challenge, their family members and carers, to enable them to make new connections and to help them to reach their potential and live their dreams. Read more.


The Cadet's Story

13 Jan 2016

Two female army cadets changing vehicle tireIt’s a lesson we could all learn, but for Army Cadets on the North Coast, it’s a lesson they are hearing loud and clear; everyone, no matter their story, plays important roles in our community.

Ken’s story in song

11 Oct 2015

Ability Links participant Ken Grunsell

Ken had lost one of his arms in a motorcycle accident 25 years ago. Since recovering he has written over 300 songs but had never known anyone to put music with the songs. Through his Linker, he’s been able to make music and record his songs.

Kyogle Gym

3 Sep 2015

An Ability Links pilot program to run a fitness class for local people with disability began five weeks ago at the Kyogle Community Gym. Six people have joined the class and it’s proving to be an outstanding success, with more people wanting to participate than can currently be accommodated.

The participants in the program all have very different types of disability, but a common thread for all is experiencing a lack of social interaction. The gym class is not just helping to increase their fitness – it’s also playing a key role in providing fun contact with other people, increasing self-esteem and improving the inclusion of people with disability in the community.

Ability Links Flash Mob

6 Aug 2015

Crowd of people performing a Flash Mob dance

A flash mob performance to a packed house of 250 people was a fitting launch for the Ability Links program in Tweed Heads.

The program is a broad ranging program which can assist in helping participants find employment, to helping them to achieve their dreams whether that be sky diving, singing or surfing.

‘This dance celebrates what we are hoping to do with the Ability Links program’, says Tweed Heads Linker, Mina Hunt. ‘To encourage people not to let life and circumstances get you down, but to find things to be happy about.’

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