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Aberdeen Sports & Recreation Club

14 Sep 2016

Aberdeen Sports & Recreation ClubThe Hunter Valley News published an article on the support Upper Hunter Linker Debbie Camps provided to Sharon Williams and the Aberdeen Sports and Recreation Club in adding an accessible toilet. 

Read the whole article in the Hunter Valley News.

Volunteer Networks

7 Sep 2016

Ladies sharing a cup of tea

IT is not always people with a disability who contact Ability Links. Other people in the community, whose lives are impacted by people living with a disability, can also contact Ability Links for help. Vivian Wilson, from the Upper Hunter, is one such person for whom Ability Links has had a significant impact.

Vivian is a full-time carer for her 55-year-old brother and 84-year-old mother, who live together in the Upper Hunter. Vivian’s brother attends a day program three days per week, while her mother attends occasional respite. Vivian contacted Ability Links because she feels she needs a regular break from her caring responsibilities and home environment.
Click hear to learn about Vivian's story.

Cooking Class Connections

4 Sep 2016

Emily Cooking Class Connections

Emily is a vibrant young lady with an intellectual disability who lives in a local group home with several housemates. She has a real passion for trying new things, and likes to keep herself busy.

Emily was introduced to two linkers and their team leader at a meeting with the other members of her household. The Linkers spoke to Emily and the rest of the group about the work that Ability Links does, and offered their support to achieve their goals.

Emily connected with one of the linkers at the meeting and spoke with ease about what she enjoys and the goals she has for the future.  Emily talked about how she loves to cook and how she wanted to learn more about food. Emily and her linker explored her passion and talked some more about what aspects of cooking she enjoyed and what she’d like to do. Emily said she wanted to learn how to cook new and exciting meals at home for when it was her turn to cook for the house. 

To learn more about Emily, click here.

Hack Success

17 Aug 2016

Hack Sound jam sessionAfter a roaring success HackSounds is putting on two more info sessions in Redfern this month.

The info sessions will be held at 2pm on Monday, August 22, and 6pm on Monday, August 29.

HackSounds explores new ways for people with a disability to interact with music and try out different approaches to making music.

To learn more about HackSounds, click here.

Changing Lives

10 Aug 2016

Changing lives. 

Ability Links is changing lives every day.

In this case, a linker named Ryan stepped in at just the right time to help a member of the community in a way that has "totally changed" her life. Here is her message to Ryan:

“I'm not sure if you remember, but I met you about five months or so ago. You gave me the ‘Women in Prison Advocacy Network’s’ number."

Read more about changing lives...

Anytime, Anywhere

7 Aug 2016

Gabi and Tassie - community engagement in action! 

Gabi is an Ability Linker in Sydney’s Inner West, and is regularly out and about connecting with the community with her guide dog, Tassie. Recently Gabi was waiting with Tassie to catch a bus to work when a woman with a hearing impairment approached her with a question about Tassie.

Read more about Gabi and Tassie...


Sutherland Shire

5 Aug 2016

Sharman Keith interview on 2SSR 99.7FM

Sutherland Shire Ability Linker, Sharman Keith, recently spoke with Bob Birkhead of radio station 2SSR (99.7FM), about the incredible work Ability Links does every day. 

During the interview Sharman explained how linkers get down to the “nitty gritty’ of helping people achieve their goals. She also talked about her work history, and how she got involved with Ability Links. Read more and listen to the interview...


5 Aug 2016

Ability Links Community Connect DayIn April, 2015, the Ability Links Port Stephens and Dungog teams decided to hold an event for Social Inclusion Week. The team invited local community organisations and groups, businesses and general members of the community to express their interest in partnering with Ability Links to plan the event.

The event was called the ‘Community Connect Day’. It was envisioned as an all-abilities, free event to encourage people from Port Stephens to form connections within their local community, build networks and establish relationships to address issues of isolation and exclusion. Read more about the Community Connect Day...


5 Aug 2016

Ability Links Swimming LessonsThe mother of a child with a developmental delay was referred to an Early Linker because she was looking for suitable recreational activities for her child.  The mother also reported having experienced low self-confidence due to her own personal struggles with her disability.

She shared that she and her son only left the house for grocery shopping and did not take part in any recreational activities.  Read more about the pool experience...


4 Aug 2016

Ability Links Computer SkillsWhen Christopher first came into contact with Ability Links he needed help in a few key areas of his life. He did not have secure accommodation, and did not know what sorts of supports he might be eligible for, or how to go about obtaining that support, and he felt isolated from his local community.

Together with his Linker, Christopher established that he needed to understand how to engage with the NDIA, he needed help with gaining independent accommodation, and wanted to connect with people in his local community.

Together they prioritized his goals, the first of which was to gather evidence of his disability. The Linker organised a free clinical psychological assessment, which allowed him to prepare an application to access the NDIA.

Read more about next steps...

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