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Linked to the community

28 Oct 2016

Across the Hunter Central Coast, there are 44 people whose job it is to support people with disabilities, their families and carers to build stronger networks in their communities.

Known as ‘linkers’, they work closely with people to support them to identify and reach their goals.

This story appeared in the Newcastle Herald. Read the full story in The Newcastle Herald.

Travel Training

24 Oct 2016

Courtney first came across Ability Links not long after she moved into Rankin Park. One of her challenges was to try and find some sporting activities that she liked to do that she could access. One example was horse riding. Click here to read the story on how Courtney intends to become a travel trainer.

Dan Sheedy

23 Oct 2016

Daniel Sheedy came into contact with Ability Links after suffering a heart attack and a stroke. His speech and his memory remain significantly affected and this makes his life difficult, he says. Click here to read more on how he is progressing and his goals.


Robbie Harper

20 Oct 2016

Self-proclaimed Port Stephens ‘celebrity’, Robbie Harper, who relies on a wheelchair for mobility, says he felt down in the dumps and felt he had nothing to occupy him when his wife passed away. Click here to learn more about Robbie's path to becoming a Port Stephens 'celebrity'.

Every Body at the Beach – Disability Awareness for Lifeguards

20 Oct 2016

Watch Ben, Neil, Camilla, Ben and Michael talk about how they love the beach. They share stories around their unique needs and insight into beach accessibility. 

Scooter Service

17 Oct 2016

While working with people with mobility issues who use scooters, Upper Hunter linker Debbie Camps identified that people needing their scooters serviced were being asked to pay significantly more than scooter users in other areas, due to the travel times involved.

Through contact with the local mobility service, Debbie established that the cost could be reduced significantly if more than one scooter could be serviced at one time, in the one location. Click here to read more about the positive outcome for everyone involved.

Body & Soul

13 Oct 2016

Karren, who has two special needs children, says she had no idea “what was out there”.  Ability LInks, put her into contact with Grant, from Body & Soul, who engaged with both of Karren’s boys, engaging them in exercise as well as in art and drawing. Click to read more.

Autism Social Inclusion Gaming Event

9 Oct 2016

Angela has two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged 16 and 12. Sam is planning to help Angela organise and run gaming events in the future. He reports that being involved with Angela’s group, ASIGE (Autism Social Inclusion Gaming Event) has helped him to feel more valuable and given him an opportunity to hone skills that might assist him in his pursuit of paid work. Read more about ASIGE

Confident Voice

20 Sep 2016

Kid on swingSEVEN-year-old Glen was recently accepted into the NDIS with an identified speech delay and other difficulties. Glen’s school counsellor, having recognised that his mother, Glen’s primary carer, was unwell and struggling to navigate his package, referred the family to Ability Links to help them make best use of Glen’s NDIS plan by providing them with information, building their capacity to negotiate the scheme, and provide them with links to formal and informal services in the community.

Read the rest of Glen's story.

Mapping Progress

18 Sep 2016

The HarveysSarah Harvey, the mother of two little boys with Autism, first heard of Ability Links at a workshop relating to the NDIS at Mingara Recreation Centre, on the Central Coast, in 2015.

Sarah has since engaged and re-engaged with Ability Links a number of times. One of the most valuable things about her contact with Ability Links has been the open-ended opportunities to chat, she said.

Click here to read more about Sarah's story.

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